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DJ, King of Blends, curator for Boiler Room France, co-founder and A&R of Sound Pellegrino, former TTC member, Institubes co-founder and creator of cult DJ video broadcast - Overdrive Infinity, Teki Latex does it all.

It’s hard to predict how a Teki Latex DJ set is going to turn out. A profound respect for the slow burning grooves of Techno and House is palpable, but so is his fascination for the broken rhythms of IDM, Grime, the UK Garage and sound system genealogies as well as many incarnations of American club music. Every transition is a long blend, every song is
re-contextualized, and the line between party and experiment is blurred.

But that doesn’t mean Teki isn’t playing music for the people. Years of practicing the exercise of musical ping pong, in the form of back to back DJ sets with his long time partner and other Sound Pellegrino co-founder DJ Orgasmic, have made him a specialist at improvising and adapting, reading a crowd and reacting, playing along with the audience and surprising it with an unsuspected musical turn when the time is right. Teki Latex is a force to be reckoned with.