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DJ Slimzee has made his mark on the scene in so many ways, he has done more than enough to earn his reputation as one of the Godfathers of Grime. Born and raised in East London, Slimzee climbed the ranks of pirate radio and eventually went on to found the legendary Rinse FM.

Around this time, the next generation of hungry Grime MC’s and producers were on the rise. While other DJ’S treated them with caution, Slimzee embraced the new scene wholeheartedly. These young beat makers sent their songs to Slimzee and he enthusiastically played them on his radio show. To many, this is the moment that Grime was truly born.

Slimzee earned a gold dic for his contributions to Dizzee Rascal’s seminal smash album ‘Boy In Da Corner’, which was nominated for the mercury prize.

Slimzee has been so integral to the Grime scene that any fan will mention his name if you ask about their favourite musical moments. As a true underground hero, Slimzee tours the world, demolishing clubs in his wake with high-energy sets informed by his years in the game.

There’s no one who can do it like him.