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Glasgow native Inkke has been causing a stir with his experimental sets and productions since 2012. Coming up as an all vinyl DJ, Inkke is known for his versatility; mixing the old with the new at every show - playing anything from millennium era Grime, Footwork & Ghetto Tech to Happy Hardcore, Modern Rap and Dancehall, he goes wherever the music takes him.

Inkke started out as a key player in the resurgence of instrumental Grime. His first releases on Local Action and Different Circles were also influenced by his love for Memphis Rap and Ghetto House, allowing him to put his own unique spin on the traditional Grime sound. 

His passion for Memphis Rap is no secret. Not only does he host 'F.W.D.K', a club night dedicated solely to the genre, his self released beat tape of the same name has received praise from the likes of Benji B, Lunice, Nina Las Vegas and Konx Om Pax.

After signing to LuckyMe in 2016 the Glasgow producer has come into his own. With two EPs on the label so far, he has showcased more rap driven productions whilst keeping the club in mind, all executed with a signature twist. Inkke also hosts LuckyMe's monthly radio show on Rinse FM, curating a wide variety of eclectic guest mixes from DJs around the world.

'F.W.D.K: Volume 2' is rumoured to be dropping early 2019.