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Gqom Oh! is a record label and entire movement dedicated to the sound of Durban, South Africa. Spreading a consistent and powerful message the label provides a conduit and a pedestal for the joyous aesthetic to be experienced outside of the South African continent.

In terms of vision, label head and pioneer - Nan Kolè has collated a lexicon of primal and tribalistic styles selecting only the most innovative flows to be an intrinsic part of his curatorial pallet. A coarse blend of infectious carnal pop culture paired with a DIY ethos ensures a continuous and inexhaustible supply chain of ghetto infused time-bombs which are creating huge ripples across the atlantic with outlets such as Rolling Stone, Fader and Pitchfork launching acclaim.

The Gqom community evoke a tight-knit brotherhood and exude comradery, often displayed at impromptu taxi-rank gatherings where they celebrate via a series of musco-skeletal contortions and hype-infused exaggerations of the human form. Tracks withhold a strong narrative and with a bright timbre, mask any traces of oppression. Gqom has its own language, one of erasing suffering, one of defiance and one of projecting a brighter future.

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Nan KolÉ



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