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Bianca Oblivion

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As co-founder Los Angeles’ Club Aerobics—a label, DJ crew, and NTS Radio show—Bianca Oblivion is one of the most talented DJs the city has to offer.

A near constant presence in clubs and warehouses, her sound plays with musical stylings across the house spectrum, East Coast club forms, UK bass, Caribbean anthems and Afro-Brazilian rhythms. Through her label and DJ presence, she is nurturing exciting new club sounds and is seen as someone who is ahead of the curve and supportive of the scene.

Her mixes for Diplo & Friends, Beats1, NTS and international radio programs have showcased Oblivion’s talents behind the decks, while her edits and remixes have mixed together ballroom, baile funk, club, and dembow with remarkable ease. Whether it be DJing, radio or production she is a hugely influential figure in LA and beyond.